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About Us

Tianjin Haiheng Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Service Co., Ltd. was established in August 2008, registered in A-306 No.11 Haibin No.8 road, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, with registered capital 90 million.

Tianjin Haiheng provides ship design, building and trading, ship management, marine and maintenance management, owns ship leasing business and international trading, ship and marine engineering consultant service. The head office locates in Tianjin, two project offices locates in Shenzhen and Haimen. These two project teams which include different specialty senior technical engineers are responsible for different projects. And furthermore we have a high-class consultant team in Singapore, which geared Tianjin Haiheng towards building sophisticated specialized rigs and vessels for the offshore service. Tianjin Haiheng Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Service Co., Ltd.started from trading paints for vessels and vessel management business. In 2010, through a series of negotiations and consultants with domestic and oversea companies, it began to manufacture offshore rigs and its auxiliary equipments.In the March of 2011, Tianjin Haiheng started the cooperation with China Merchants Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. By then the massive development on offshore engineering industry has officially begun.

Haiheng 1 liftboat was completed in September 2012. It is a multi-functional platform designed to serve offshore testing, piping, lifting, well repairing and serving the faculty. After the completion, Haiheng1 liftboat was sold to Saudi Arabic Zamil Group Holding and is now serving for Saudi Aramco, functioning well and have no warranty issue.Haiheng 2 and Haiheng 3 are 375ft self-elevating jack up drilling rig CJ46, which are the primary design from GustoMSC in Dutch. These two rigs were sold to Malaysian listed company UMW OIL & GAS CORPORATION in September 2014 and January 2015. It symbolized the rigs produced and operated by Tianjin Haiheng has achieved advanced level.

The main task of Haiheng Shenzhen Project Team is the supervision and management of projects sponsored by China Merchants Heavy Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Total five rigs have been completed or still under construction, including the delivered Haiheng 1, Haiheng 2 and Haiheng 3 , Haiheng 6 and Haiheng 7 are still in process.During the construction of Haiheng 2 and Haiheng 3, all professional engineers were requested to focus on site inspection and to locate and solve problems in time. Considering the limited project timing and additional requests from cus tomers, the project was really a big challenge for the shipyard and the Shenzhen Project Team. The task was completed smoothly with our colleagues great efforts and the teamwork from the shipyard. This provides valuable experience to the entire Haiheng supervision and management team. Shenzhen Project Team will keep their duties like always and assure project success through every small task.From this experience, Haimen Project Team has accepted the supervision and management of another two Self-Propelled Jack-up NG-2500X in November 2015. The project cycle is eighteen months. So far the project is running smoothly. The work focus has been shifted from hull construction to commissioning.Look upon the past, Haimen Project Team has successfully fulfilled all requirements. But yet there is still a long way to go. There are a lot of obstacles in real working process. With the guidance of the headquarter there is nothing to fear. Through continuos efforts, we will go on contributing to the company’s goal of building a world class marine enterprise. 。

Corporate Culture

By adhering to the company tenet of “persistence, innovation, contribution and efficiency”, Tianjing Haiheng will strive to be a word-class ocean engineering company in the enormous opportunities and challenges at present.

Development History

Development history of HAIHENG has gone through 5 stages


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