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Tianjin Haiheng provides ship design, building and trading, ship management, marine and maintenance management, owns ship leasing business and international trading, ship and marine engineering consultant service. The head office locates in Tianjin, two project offices locates in Shenzhen and Haimen. These two project teams which include different specialty senior technical engineers are responsible for different projects. And furthermore we have a high-class consultant team in Singapore, which geared Tianjin Haiheng towards building sophisticated specialized rigs and vessels for the offshore service. Tianjin Haiheng Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Service Co., Ltd.started from trading paints for vessels and vessel management business. In 2010, through a series of negotiations and consultants with domestic and oversea companies, it began to manufacture offshore rigs and its auxiliary equipments.In the March of 2011, Tianjin Haiheng started the cooperation with China Merchants Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. By then the massive development on offshore engineering industry has officially begun.


Tianjin Henghe sea Merchants Industry Group Co. Ltd. worked closely with a series of constant sea marine engineering project.


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